ppt/slideshare spider story in simple French

For more stories try:
Va t’en grand monstre vert by Ed Emberley ISBN: 2-87767-172-0
external image cauchemar.jpg?width=50 Il y a un cauchemar dans mon placard by Mercer Meyer ISBN: 2-07-054814-7
external image camillefaittroppeur.jpg?width=50 Camille fait trop peur par Jacques Duquennoy ISBN :2-226-14101-4
external image sombrenuitdetempete.jpg?width=50 Par une sombre nuit de tempête by Bill Martin Jr & Barry Root ISBN: 87142
ppt/slideshare story of Dracula in simple German.
Wikipedia (English version) information about Dia de los Muertos

Food for the ancestors
ideas for a middle school lesson on Mexican food.

Spanish flashcards and worksheets from Boggles

YouTube video explanation in Spanish could be used with KS3.

YouTube la cancion de las brujas

YouTube La bruja loca

YouTube karaoke version of Henri Des chante la Sorciere de minuit
YouTube C'est l'Halloween

YouTube el ogro y la bruja
YouTube skeleton song (time)

Wikipedia Explanation in French about the traditions of Hallowe'en.

Song from Carole Nicholls

About.comEnglish explanation of history & tradition of Halloween in France. Scroll to the end for links to hangman & a wordsearch in French

Hallowe'en vocab list halloween french vocab.doc
Hallowe'en notebook files:
halloween prepositions.xbk
halloween map.xbk
Same as ppt files:
L’Halloween (directions).ppt
L’ Halloween (dans sous sur).ppt

Sunderland MFLhas an Addams Family PowerPoint lesson & ‘La Potion Magique - A Halloween lesson using weights, measures & containers.’

TibooParc lots of French Halloween stuff – but I like the recipes best.
Quia some teacher-made Hallowe'en vocab games
Fete Enfants celebrates seasons & occasions with games, songs, crafts, quizzes.
La Potion Magique - Fun game - Once you find the ingredients, you need to put the candle under the chaudron to heat it up and then watch what happens...
Tout sur l'Hallowen - fairly complex language but useful loads of games, stories, colouring printables, things to make and do etc.. all in French.

Halloween picture based vocab resources (mostly pdfs) from last year, hosted on the TaskMagic yahoo group:

Halloween picture based vocab resources (mostly pdfs) from last year, hosted on the TaskMagic yahoo group: