If you do not already know and use Joe Dale's blog - then try it immediately:

Meanwhile here are some popular and free tools for MFL teachers:

Recommended FREE ICT tools to use in the classroom or even to set as homework tasks for students (after all, why should you make all the effort?!)
Russell Stannard has made a series of simple video demonstrations for each tool. Russell teaches at Warwick and you can
find out more about him and his website here.and sign up for a regular email update direct from the site too and follow him on twitter @russell1955

If you want to make audio recordings and send them quickly then try this site. Great for language teachers. You can embed the recordings too. This is so so simple. It takes just 2 clicks.
Create an animated character & type in text for it to speak - better still get the students to do it as HW and they then email you the links - they can type or record themselves and the text recognition is great for pointing out pronounciation (by default it 'reads' text using English phonetics so you need to change it to French/German/etc and then choose a male/female voice)
There probably is a video demo on Russell's site (see above) but honestly just try it yourself or get the students too - it really is THAT easy...
Easy to use collaboration tool-ALL TEACHERSSimple tool that allows easy collaboration. Great for brainstorming, building up collaborative texts, making group lists and so easy to use. You can be up and using this tool in 5 minutes and there are some useful security features too.
This is loads of fun. Just watch the video and you will be amazed at how easy it is and the students love it. Make fun animations with dialogues in seconds and then send them or embed them.
Online flash cards for different langauges that you can print out. All in colour and great illustrations. They come in different sizes and it is FREE.
Present Me
Upload your PowerPoint Presentation, then record yourself doing the presentation and even include your webcam. Anyone can then access it on the internet and watch and listen to you presenting. Great for your students to get them practicing their presentations. Great for language teachers as you can get your students to make presentations and practice their language.
Choose a website, place it into Lingro & the whole site becomes clickable; you can find the meanings of any word with just a click of a button. So if you are reading El Pais or Le Monde or The Times, then you can make any of the text clickable and it will immediately bring up a dictionary. Not only that but it keeps a record of the words you clicked on and even creates games to practice and work with the words.