Why set up a blog? What would you put on it? Well have a peek at some of the amazing examples below - all set up by teachers who claim to be 'non-techie' and who have discovered for themselves how motivating it is for their students and how easy it is to simplify and maximise the impact of what you do in the classroom:
Blogs by teachers for students
Blogs by teachers for teachers
Sans Problemes!blog by Marie-France Perkins
Languages at Northgate, Derham
The langwitch Chronicles blog by Helena Butterfield
French Teacher by Steve at Ripon College
Royds Languages Department
MFL at Northgate - the other Northgate blog
My Languages by Isabelle jones
Resources and ideas for langauges teachers loads of ideas!

Dom's MFL Page by Dominic
Changing Phase by Clare Seccombe (MFL Sunderland webmistress0