Telling the time:
download program to use on IWB or PC
Online game les heures

Websites for students
(good for vle links)
Mathematiques Magiques is a beautiful website
by French Canadian Mathematician who believes
Maths is an Art not a Science.
Chez Merlin is a French site to practise maths and
Science but arranged in a very student-friendly and fun way.
Mauswiesel is a cross-curricular site for
students - they'll easily find their own way
around the site!
Maths Forum resources in Spanish
Le Magicien des Formes - a shapes story by
Ecole d'Herrin

Number games
la planete des chiffres

Times tables

Ideas & resources from Lisa Stevens Vamanos blog

Euro coin fans template to cut out and use
in class - kids hold up the right amount of coins
to 'buy' something - any language!