Ideas to exploit links to Olympics in MFL:

  • Could just do usual topic of Sport/Freetime, but substitute Olympic sports and authentic materials
  • Athletes as a theme – look at daily routine, special diet and exercise regime, healthy living - compare between sports/countries
  • History of theOlympic games – from Greece via French rebirth to Berlin 1936 controversy
  • Hospitality &tourism linked to creating multilingual resources for both athletes andtourists
  • Compare foods andrecipes from each country in original language
  • Transport – plan andcost routes for athletes and tourists to get to London using real websites intarget language.
  • Athletes haveinjuries too; link to parts of the body, health, doctors & sportstherapists
  • Commentary – challenge students to commentate ‘live’ in French/German/Spanish etc. or use aclip for a group to plan, write and practise before recording their own.
  • Think about audience – if you make it, show off and share it either via website/blog/vle - maybe we can link them all up?
  • Can your class design a Smartphone app for French/German/Spanish speaking tourists visiting the games and London this summer?
  • Hampshire Schools - EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Travellers Advisory Service) are looking for participants to join a multilingual olympic event - for details download and complete the attached and return to EMTAS using the address/email in the document.

Online resources:
Website collecting free teacher-made resources, worksheets, powerpoints etc. Aimed at KS1 and 2 but many resources equally usable with KS3.
Same as above but with a KS3 / 4 / 5 bias.
A linked-up primary French project with resources based on the 7 Olympic and Paralympic Values
KS3/4 Linked-up project with resources looking at sport today from all kinds of angles in order to motivate and engage students.
KS3/4 Project with resources looking at using the tourism spin-off from the Olympics as a theme
Useful websites has resources that you pay for, but includes some achievement or reward stickers in German, Spanish & French with the Olympic rings!B121cf29d70ec8a3d54a33343010cc2
Lancashire Grid for Learning ready-made free resources and links for MFL
Suggestions and links for KS3 Spanish French and German from the iLanguages team.
eTwinning website great way to link with schools around the world on projects – join a ready-made one or start your own.
Article with links about Shakespeares plays being performed in many languages to coincide with the London 2012 olympics
Books & published resources:

«Take Ten en Français », « en Espanol » & « auf Deutsch »
Published by Devon Learning & Development Partnership
Pocket sized books with CD’s of rhymes / music / karaoke & a DVD demonstrating activities , linking language learning to PE in short easy activities written with differentiation for non-linguists and specialists alike, use it yourself to 'wake them up' or start a language-leader / sports leader transition scheme and get the students to lead activities with younger classes.

« À la Française »ISBN 978-1-905275-25-0 published by Authentik
A cross-curricular approach to learning French, aimed at KS2 but could equally spark projects at KS3 and get away from the usual dull textbooks.

Soccerlingua – Interactive DVD published by
Website & DVD uses football as the theme, it’s a virtual football tournament with engaging multilingual resources in Spanish, Italian & German.

«Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques » by Goscinny. ISBN 2-205-00320-8 (try Amazon or European School books)
Also a film available on DVD.
Cartoon adventure for KS3/4, read extracts in class, or exploit pages one at a time on IWB, work on pronunciation and playing with words, discuss the validity and respect held for graphic novels in France.

«C’est moi, le champion » par Philip Waechter. ISBN 2-7459-2272-6 (popular book available from lots of stockists including European Schoolbooks & Little Linguist)
A boys determination to become a footballer- perfect for Year 6 or KS3 (&KS4) short sentences in future tense – ‘Quand je serai grand, je serai un footballeur très célèbre. On me reconnaîtra dans la rue...’

«Ce n’est pas mon passe-temps » Rosalie Eisenstein, part of the Galaxie series of readers by Heinemann. ISBN 0 435 99767-X
Upper KS2 or KS3, short reader about a girl who has been asked to write a letter in her French lesson about her ‘pastimes’ but she doesn’t have any.

«C’est moi le plus fort » Mario Ramos ISBN 978-2-211-06905-2 popular book widely available including Amazon/European Bookstore.
Upper KS2 / KS3 Looking at Olympic values rather than sport despite the title (I’m the strongest) = a bullying wolf learns his lesson in an unusual forest.

YouTube clips The offical London Olympics trailer in French.

Les Oeufs Olympiques - subversive and wickedly funny spoof video in French.

Odd worksheets here and there:
AQA style worksheet from TES Resources 'Karukera'
KS4 Reading activity with Olympic theme TES resources 'MFLTeacher1'