Other / Multilingual
Video & commentary of the kiss - funny
because of the reaction of the French presenters
Princess Letizia and Felipe Varela
- online news comment
Bild Magazine webpages for the wedding
with seating plan, videos & photos - they
liked the Aston Martin it seems

Make up a caption ppt - title in French but
can be any language,maybe one or
two slides as a starter activity
lots of fashion and background gossip on
French Gala

German video clip and commentary of the kisses
Good source of photos to discuss / describe
pourunenouvellegeneration has a selection of video
clips with good clear commentary in French loads of texts and photos
including a family tree showing linked European royals
How about using this BBC Hi-def zoomable photo
maybe as a sort of where's wally - you or student
describes a person and their position and rest or
teams have to find person

What is she/he wearing? PPT - could easily be adapted for Fr/Ge/Sp etc